Now a review of my newest product….Organic White Chocolate Body Mousse!

It all started with a special request from a customer for a chocolate type body moisturizer.

Since I do not use fragrance oils or anything chemical the first thing that came to mind was Organic Cocoa Butter!

I only buy the Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter because it retains the natural chocolate smell:) Yum! So I started by melting some Organic Cocoa butter,Organic Sweet Almond Oil and some Unrefined beeswax for the oil base.

Then for the water base I used Mountain Spring Water & Vegetable Glycerin. After they were all melted & incorporated I slowly added them together while whisking furiously!

The furious whisking part is what helps them bond:)

Then after it starts stiffening up I set the mixing bowl in another bowl of ice water, all while furiously whisking. It starts taking on a whipped butter texture and becomes what you see here!

So my Organic White Chocolate Body Mousse is born! It has a whipped butter consistency that when you scoop it out of the jar it immediately starts to melt! Since making it I approach my husband with the jar when my muscles are achey! Great massage cream!! He is so sweet:)
Available for purchase here:

~~~Question of the day~~~
So why do you buy handmade items? I buy them because I believe that Handmade items are the best quality as well as they hold invisible spirit. Each artist puts their spirit into what they create. With this spirit comes healing powers and love, we all need a little healing love!