Organic Vanilla Mint Lip Balm…….tested out in Mexico!

I’m writing this lounging on my balcony overlooking the ocean in Mexico. No kidding.

My husband and I have a child-free (!!!!) week in Cabo San Lucas, courtesy of my husband’s brother, who owns a timeshare at a fancy hotel. He is letting us use a week for free, which is incredibly generous of him. We would never stay at a fancy place like this, but am I complaining? No. I am sipping Mexican beer, listening to and looking at ocean waves, computer on my lab, ready to review Honey Bee Holistics lip balm.
And let me tell you: lip balm is essential in Mexico. There is lots of sun, salt water, and wind to dry up those lips, and since this is kind of a honeymoon, I have to make sure my lips stay nice and kissable.

Melissa’s lip balm is working wonders on me so far. I am very picky about lip balm: I don’t like the stuff that feels greasy and thick on the lips, and I don’t like artificial smells. I also don’t like it when lip balm makes your lips tingle. So this vanilla balm is perfect for a lip balm snob like me.
Disaster struck on the flight to Mexico, somewhere over Phoenix. Across the aisle from us sat a family with a two year old daughter.  They had their hands full keeping the little girl happy. My husband said something about our four year old daughter, who would be bouncing off the seat by now, and I cracked up laughing. That did it. The recycled airplane air had made my lips dry, and I had forgotten to put the lip balm in my carry-on bag. I felt my lip split. It hurt. Bad start to our trip.
Immediately after landing and reclaiming our baggage, I yanked out Melissa’s lip balm and put it on. I re-applied it every hour for the rest of the day. The next day, my lips were good as new!
We have been playing in the ocean, swimming in a chlorinated pool, sunbathing in the hot sun, drinking plenty of salty margaritas, but my lips have stayed hydrated, soft and kissable!

I get giddy just looking at the ingredients.  Listen to this: Organic Tahitian Vanilla Bean infused olive oil!  Wow!  How exotic is that!  Then there is local unrefined beeswax.  I love, love, love that Melissa uses local ingredients.  In fact, I bet I know the guy whose bees make this.  He also sells honey, and I buy from him!  Way to support local!  Then there is organic fair trade shea butter.  No, not some ordinary shea butter, but fair trade!  Yes!  And then we have organic peppermint essential oil and organic vanilla essence.
Now this is a lip balm I support buying.

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