Spring is almost here, so lets Celebrate with some refreshing Organic Lemon Creme Lotion!

Here at Honey Bee Holistic’s Farm, we are anxiously awaiting the days when the ☼SUN☼ comes up at 6am and hangs around till 9pm! Each Spring the Rhubarb starts popping up near the pump house…..

And the dainty volunteer Daffodils start coming up to show us their bright faces!

It is always a very exciting time tending the garden, pruning the herbs, and making sure to take time for the sun! My hopes are high this year on the variety of herbs and veggies we will grow! We are even planning on getting some laying hens for fresh eggs! Oh, my…..Fresh eggs! SOOO excited for that! My little one is excited too as she has been learning about farm animals! She keeps talking about “feeding scratch to the chickens”! It will be great to see her face when we get them!

Being able to be a Work-at-Home-Mom and not miss those cute little moments, is exactly why I work so hard at my business keeping everything fresh & new!

So speaking of fresh and new……Does the color YELLOW make YOU feel happy?

I know I feel so cheery when I look at the color yellow! It is said that the color yellow is good for despondent and melancholy conditions. In Ancient societies, yellow was the animating color for life suggesting joy, gaiety, merriment. No wonder why my entire Kitchen is COVERED with Sunflowers!!

So when I got a call from my Mom who reported she had access to fresh ORGANIC Meyer Lemons, I JUMPED on the chance! This would allow me to make my own Organic Lemon Extracts and incorporate them into my products like my Organic Lemon Creme Lotion!

Soon after they arrived, my daughter kept smelling them all day, counting them as she pulled them out of the box & when she put them back!

After processing the lemons by washing with water only, cutting, juicing, and removing the pith, my windowsill was riddled with jars full of the cuttings!

The rind cuttings cure for 4 weeks in my farmhouse windowsill in the sun until it turns a pale yellow! It is ready to be turned into a Lemon Delight!

Today I will tell you about my Organic Lemon Creme Lotion!

It is like a Lemon Pie topped with fresh vanilla whipped cream! I have teamed up the power of the Lemon Essential Oil, and my own Handmade Organic Extract, with REAL vanilla bean to give the tartness a creamy edge!
It is great for balancing Oily skin, as well as revitalizing under-active mature skin! This revitalizing comes from the Lemon Oils abilities to exfoliate dead skin cells and improving circulation!
This circulation boost is also great for helping to eliminate wastes, such as cellulite!
Who doesn’t need the help of some good circulation and exfoliation?? I know I sure do!! Especially after the dry WINTER skin that needs to be removed for the new SPRING skin to be revealed!
Not only is it good for the body, but the hands as well! It helps keep your nails & cuticles in tip top shape by moisturizing and strengthening brittle nails!

Rene from http://www.thesimplemoms.com did a short review on the Organic Lemon Creme Lotion here

What is YOUR reason for loving LEMON??
Leave a comment below, then enter to WIN an 8oz Jar of YOUR OWN Organic Lemon Creme Lotion!! Visit my website homepage here to get more entries!

Coming next……. A review of my newest Organic Orange Vanilla Set great for an Easter Gift!