Did you know Babies Need Massages Too?

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Organic Lavender from Honey Bee Holistics Farm!


Ever since I became a Mom, I came to realize the importance of spending quality time with my child one-on-one! The most fun time for my daughter, of course, is bath time! She has fun playing and getting washed up, as I also get splashed sometimes too!

After bath time, I make sure to replenish the oils to her skin that were lost in the warm bath water with a smooth lotion or oil. Massaging with natural oils provides a “second skin” of moisture protection along with many emotional and physical benefits.

Aria Massages Oil onto her Baby Doll

My daughter massaging her baby doll like she has learned from me giving HER a massage after every bath!


For healthy babies, the benefits from massage include decreased sleep problems, improved skin condition, more efficient blood circulation & better waste elimination. Other typical positive results after one month of daily massage include reduced fussiness, improved alertness, better sleep and a stronger immune system!

I have always chosen to use oils as they absorb faster and provide a gentle glide to her skin as I massage her.  Yes, I did grow up with the famous “PINK” lotion made for babies, so I know a lot of Mom’s usually do not think twice about using it. I actually thought twice and opted OUT of the “My-Mom-and-Grandma-used-it-so-it-must-be-ok” group. I made a decision to go as clean as I possibly could with my daughter by making my OWN baby oil that not only smelled HEAVENLY, but also nourished her skin with moisture sans carcinogenic chemicals!

••Have you considered changing your nose to enjoy a NEW smell for a baby?••

One of the responses I get from other Mom’s on why they do not shy away from the famous “pink” lotion is that they like the smell. It reminds them of babies and growing up with it. Essentially, the smell is linked to their memories of it.

When I made my Organic Baby Massage Oil, I set out to replace the smell they remembered of the “pink” one to that of Lavender & Chamomile. This is now what reminds me of babies!

►How many generations will it take before MY Grandchildren look to Lavender & Chamomile as the “smell” they remember from childhood? Hopefully no more than one!

So here is my answer to moisturizing your baby or little one after bath, utilizing natures own natural scents!

Organic Baby Massage Oil Kit with Instructions

Organic Baby Massage Oil Kit with Instructions

Organic Baby Massage oil!

This deep penetrating massage oil is any fussy babies answer to a calm state!

☼Organic Grapeseed Oil is non-comedogenic and absorbs easily into all skin types.

☼Organic Jojoba Oil is much like the natural sebum found in human skin pores so it moisturizes without greasiness!.

☼Calendula & Chamomile are safe for babies and help to relax your babies’ mood.

This will also help calm colicky babies♥ The gentle massage and gentle essential oils ease tense muscles in babies belly!

I have also made a pamphlet that walks you through the proper techniques to apply the oil to your babies body in a way that soothes them!

A short excerpt from the pamphlet…………

“Place both hands in the middle of the chest and make circular movements. Stroke upward toward the shoulders then down along the sides of the body, then back to center. Make slow clockwise movements on the belly.”


So comment below and tell me:

•Have YOU have tried my Organic Baby Massage Oil?

•Do you have memories of being nurtured by your Mom?

•Do you know anyone with children who might benefit from my Organic Baby Massage Oil that you can share with?


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No Lye = No Soap

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Jasmine Soap

Over the years that I have been making soap, there have always been questions customers have for me about my products. Today I am addressing the most frequent question I receive about my SOAP!

“Do you use LYE to make your soap?” My Answer is YES!

Yes, I use LYE to make my soap BUT the soap no longer contains Lye once it has combined with the oils and cured!

Without LYE, also known as Sodium Hydroxide, you cannot have soap!! Even glycerin bars, melt & pour bars, liquid soap…….ALL SOAP requires either Sodium Hydroxide(LYE for bar soap) or Potassium Hydroxide(LYE for Liquid soap) to make it soap. You see, Sodium Hydroxide is a chemical that is harmful ALONE! When you combine it with the right ratio of oils & water, it binds to the molecular structure of each producing a COMPLETELY different element, SOAP!

The end result is no longer, Lye, Oils OR water, but a combination of all to produce the soap!

The Babylonians were the ones who invented soap at 2800 B.C. when the mixing of animal fats & ashes produced a cleansing product used for utensils & skin conditions. Even today, Lye CAN be made from ashes, rock and hay in a large wooden barrel. Now, Lye is produced commercially so it can be calibrated for modern recipes using exact measurements, thus refined for exactness. It is still a caustic substance that can harm you if touched!

Do not approach Lye lightly. ALL precautions MUST be taken when handling it and making soap. The Saponification of the Lye & Oils, (chemical reaction that creates soap) happens over time.

Here I am mixing the Lye into the water wearing ALL of my protective gear!

Here I am mixing the Lye into the water wearing ALL of my protective gear!

Here you see me mixing the Lye with the water. I am wearing protective eye wear, long gloves and an apron. I am also mixing on a newspaper lined table in my work station AWAY from children, pets and distractions! This is the MOST important!

Getting the right temperature before combining the Lye into the oil!

Getting the right temperature before combining the Lye into the oil!

After the Lye has come to the 100-98 degree temperature, I then mix it with the oils of the same temperature. It immediately starts swirling in the pan, showing me that the two are combining.

The oils & Lye start combining!

The oils & Lye start combining!

I then stir and “mix” with my immersion blender. This helps speed things along. You CAN use just a spatula or spoon to stir, but it does take much longer, as I have tried this method, before learning about the immersion blender 🙂

"Pudding" like consistency tells me it is ready to pour!

“Pudding” like consistency tells me it is ready to pour!

Then after it has produced a “pudding-like” texture, I pour it into wooden molds lined with freezer paper for easy removal once it is set.

Clay Tea Tree Soap Just poured into the mold!

Clay Tea Tree Soap Just poured into the mold!

It sits, covered, for 24-48 hours before being cut. It still MAY contain some traces of Lye in the water molecules left in the soap, so I handle WITH my gloves on!

Clay Tea Tree Soap Curing

Clay Tea Tree Soap Curing

They then are exposed to air for 4 weeks minimum, being rotated every day for even drying. They are then ready to use, OR the best option would be to let them dry/cure longer!

**Why CURE soap?**

There is a reason for “curing” the soap. This is to allow the traces of lye that may remain in the left over water found in the soap to evaporate. The longer the soap sits, the better! It will harden up nicely and last much, much longer!

Did you know that the longer it sits, the better it gets?

Soap is not going to “go bad”, it will actually get BETTER! For example, there is one bar from last year that I found in my toiletry bag used for travelling. When I used it recently on an overnight outing, it lathered up MORE than before and was VERY hard! Even though I used it frequently for a few days, it looked as though I had not used it at all!! This just goes to show that the longer it sits, the longer it lasts 🙂

Organic Cinnamon Roll Soap

Organic Cinnamon Roll Soap

*So the take away from this post is:

~Without Lye you do not have soap of ANY type!

~4 weeks minimum is needed before soap is ready to use.

~The longer it sits the better it gets!

~Keep soap well drained & dry in-between uses so it lasts longer! *************************************************************************

I will be covering different questions that are frequently sent to me about my products!

♦Do you have any questions about my products that you want answered?

♦Do you understand the basics of soap making and how LYE is on every soap?

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