Welcoming in Fall with WIDE OPEN ARMS!

I absolutely LOVE FAll! The colors, the smells, the baking!! So to add to this excitement of crispness in the air I will be launching some new products! Today I introduce to you my new Organic Lotion! ~~Organic Almond Lotion~~

This is a “Take-Me-Back” smell to when I would visit my Grandma! She loved the Jergen’s Cherry Almond Lotion, and she would always be slathering it on! I have taken the smell and reproduced it here, sans the cherry fragrance! Loaded with naturally occuring Vitamin E, Organic Sweet Almond Oil is the BEST go -to for rejuventaing skin and helping to protect from free-radicals in your environment! It is then combined with Organic Almond Essence that gives it that unforgettable Almond aroma! You CAN have great lotion that moisturizes and doesn’t seal your skin with harmful chemicals! Fragrance oils are not healthy and so the #1 reason, among many others, as to why I choose to NOT use them! So check my Etsy shop for the new lotion here : http://www.honeybeeholistics.etsy.com

**Note** New items are listed in my Etsy shop first to see how popular they are before they earn a permanent place on my website http://www.honeybeeholistics.com