Remembering Father’s Day & Celebrating Dad with a Limited Edition Gift Set!

Each year around Father’s day I feel excited and proud to have had the Dad I had growing up! He taught me to work hard, never sleep past 8am, have great work ethic and how to market my talents!

He woke up at 4am every day and drove 1.5 hrs to his job in the city. This showed me how to be on time and “SHOW UP” for life! He also had a knack for finding old cars and restoring them to their original beauty, seeing the possibility in an item when the outside looked hopeless. My imagination and ingenuity I garnered from him rang true when we were out in the countryside, or fishing in the summer.

Although our relationship has not turned out as I truly WANTED it to, I can still take a hard look at what he taught me good AND bad! We all have people in our life that we learn something from, all of our life events help shape our character.

I wanted to celebrate Father’s from all walks of life, and all of the positive traits we can find in ourselves that we were taught from them!

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I am offering a special Father’s Day Gift Set for $24.99

fathersdaygiftsetcollage with prices and descriptions

This includes all in the photo with a FREE LIP BALM! All orders placed on or BEFORE 6/15 will receive this in time to gift it to your Father, or other man you are celebrating this Father’s Day!

It would still make a great gift AFTER the holiday, as I am considering it as a Men’s Gift Set to have all year round!

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Happy Father’s Day Dad & all of the other Dad’s in the world♥


Honey Bee Holistics Wellness Series continues: Your skin is what you……..PUT ON IT!

How often do you think about how the products you put on your skin affect your overall health?
There is actually quite a bit of research tied in with how the products you put on your skin DO affect your health.
Check out the information provided by the David Suzuki Foundation who is a leader in the Green Living ways here on the Dirty Dozen Toxic Ingredients found in conventional beauty products!

The Foundation reports that “One in eight of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors. Many products include plasticizers (chemicals that keep concrete soft), degreasers (used to get grime off auto parts), and surfactants (they reduce surface tension in water, like in paint and inks). Imagine what that does to your skin, and to the environment.”

I would like to conduct an experiment with you right now!! Go into your bathroom and pull out a bottle or package of one of your favorite products you use everyday and check out the ingredients. Does the ingredient list contain any of the following:
♦DMDM hydantoin
♦diazolidinyl urea
♦imidazolidinyl urea
♦methenamine or quarternium-15

If so, then you are applying a formaldehyde containing preservative to your body! It not only is absorbed into your skin to then be included in your bloodstream, but slowly off-gasses so you then breathe it in too! Check out this article to go deeper in the explanation of this.

The harm is that when they slowly release small amounts of formaldehyde, you are exposed to cancer causing components.

Did you find any of THESE ingredients in the list?

These preservatives are known to be endoctrine disruptors and can cause allergic reactions in some individuals!

Why is it so important to consider WHAT you put on your skin? Lets talk about a skin pore for a moment and how it relates to the body!

The skin is your bodies LARGEST organ that is mostly overlooked as a possible entrance into the body and its health.
Check out this graphic of a skin pore and how the hair follicle is directly linked to your bloodstream!


It may be said by some manufacturers that , “A little bit won;t hurt you and give you cancer”. Maybe not, but a plethora of products ALL COMBINED over the course of a day, even a lifetime adds up. Your skin absorbs the toxins, then it is filtered to your liver. When your liver can no longer handle the toxic overload from all of the perfumes, preservative containing products AND environmental toxins you can do nothing about, it has to go SOMEWHERE??

A lot of toxins are stored in our body fat to make sure it is far enough away from our vital organs for preservation of the body to continue functioning. Just consider for a moment all of the products you use on a daily basis. Make a list if you feel inclined to do so, then start with ONE product replacement.

WHAT do you use instead?? This is one of the BIGGEST questions I asked myself when I started my journey to whole wellness. I didn’t start out making ALL of my products I use everyday, but started with ONE and added on as I felt ready to do so!
Here are a few ideas for you!

♦Start with changing your deodorant to one without aluminum. Here is the one I make that is my BEST SELLER!

♦Start with changing your body lotion! This is my Best Selling one for the whole family!

♦Start with changing the Soap you wash with! Bar soap has just as many suds as the liquid body washes do when you rub it in circles on a pouf! Check out my soaps here!


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Frankincense: More than just a resin. It is a healing serum for all skin types!

When I first heard of Frankincense, I remember at Christmas time it being told of the Wise Men bringing the Baby Jesus, Frankincense and Myrrh. At the time when I was little, I did not really understand what it was. So fast forward to when I began to read my first Aromatherapy Book called, A Complete Guide to Understanding & Using Aromatherapy for Vibrant Health & Beauty by Roberta Wilson!

I learned that Frankincense has always been associated with spirituality, which I believe is the reasoning for it being a gift the Wise Men brought to Baby Jesus! Both the Egyptians and Hebrews spent fortunes through out its existence to import this very valuable oil. It has healing effects that are associated with many parts of the body, especially the skin! The Egyptians found this to be true when they noticed the effects of the frankincense oil on their embalmed bodies. They thought, If it is great for preserving a dead corpse, what would it do for a living persons skin?

This small, shrubby, extremely hardy Frankincense tree is covered in bark that possesses a milky white juice. When it comes in comtact with air, it solidifies into an amber orange colored resin. Then the resin is taken and steam distilled to result in a clear, pale yellow oil. SOME oils, as stated in my previous post here, are extracted by soaking on solvents then boiling away until the solvent is evaporated. NOT good for ANY type of application, which is why I ONLY purchase Steam-Distilled, Organic Frankincense Essential Oil. This tree is native in the middle East, as well as to China, Iran, Lebanon and Oman. It grows wild in Africa too!


It is still one of my favorite books! As you see I need to get it rebound:) I actually found mine at a Goodwill store. I will spend time looking through all of the books they have available on cooking and herbs. ESPECIALLY if you are out of town visiting a new city or town, stop by their Thrift Store, as not EVERYONE is interested in the same topics, which is a WIN WIN!!

As I perused through the pages, with all of the ideas and possibilities contained within, I came to Frankincense. I USED to suffer from pimples! EEEK! They would come out of nowhere, overnight really. I knew it had to do with stress, and the foods I ate, as well as the environment I lived in and the products I used on it. In comes Frankincense, a.k.a Boswellia Carterii. I started incorporating it into my facial moisturizer that I used every morning & evening. It only took approximately 1 week to start to see improvements!! I did make a special blend using Organic Jojoba & Organic Grapeseed Oils since the Organic Olive Oil was too heavy for my oily skin. It worked wonders!!

Many of my customers have had the pleasure of finding this out for themselves with the products I make with this miracle oil! It is restorative, and regenerating actions are very useful for dry, mature and sensitive skin types. With this information, my Organic Frankincense Lotion was conceived!

When I combined this amazing oil with Organic Rose Essential oil, it has made a most restorative lotion that has helped many customers of mine!

Here is some feedback I received on my Organic Frankincense Lotion!

Lovely scent, and wonderful creamy consistency, a delightful treat for my dry skin!

Fabulous organic lotion, just love the frankincense in it, high quality product.

This is the best lotion i have ever used! It works fantastic on dry sensitive skin! My boyfriend and I use it daily and haven’t stopped using it since we first got it! Thanks for all the fabulous natural products you make!

I have made this with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is beneficial to dry, sensitive skin types. It helps improve skin tone and texture. Its benefits on aging skin are exemplified due to its abilities to encourage new cell growth! Out with the old & in with the new 🙂

Ironically enough, it is also beneficial to Oily/Acne Prone skin as well! Normally you would not find an oil to have BOTH properties available that address more than one skin type, but you do with Frankincense!

It has anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties that help to heal and reduce acne, pimples and warts! With this in mind, I have made some custom products for my customers that are formulated with carrier oils such as Organic Jojoba and Organic Grapeseed Oil which are more easily absorbed by oily skin. It is similar to my Organic Marshmallow Honey Face Lotion, but fortified with Organic Frankincense Essential oil!

Did you know I make custom products? I can make one for you as well! Just send me an email for a custom item request and I would be happy to help!

COMMENT below to tell me how Frankincense can help YOU to be entered to WIN a jar of your OWN Organic Frankincense Lotion!!

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WINNER of the 1 1/2oz jar of Organic Frankincense Lotion is ONEILA!!
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Now a review of my newest product….Organic White Chocolate Body Mousse!

It all started with a special request from a customer for a chocolate type body moisturizer.

Since I do not use fragrance oils or anything chemical the first thing that came to mind was Organic Cocoa Butter!

I only buy the Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter because it retains the natural chocolate smell:) Yum! So I started by melting some Organic Cocoa butter,Organic Sweet Almond Oil and some Unrefined beeswax for the oil base.

Then for the water base I used Mountain Spring Water & Vegetable Glycerin. After they were all melted & incorporated I slowly added them together while whisking furiously!

The furious whisking part is what helps them bond:)

Then after it starts stiffening up I set the mixing bowl in another bowl of ice water, all while furiously whisking. It starts taking on a whipped butter texture and becomes what you see here!

So my Organic White Chocolate Body Mousse is born! It has a whipped butter consistency that when you scoop it out of the jar it immediately starts to melt! Since making it I approach my husband with the jar when my muscles are achey! Great massage cream!! He is so sweet:)
Available for purchase here:

~~~Question of the day~~~
So why do you buy handmade items? I buy them because I believe that Handmade items are the best quality as well as they hold invisible spirit. Each artist puts their spirit into what they create. With this spirit comes healing powers and love, we all need a little healing love!