Introducing the Newest Member to the Honey Bee Holistics Team……….Corina Sahlin!

Hello to all of my blog followers! I am happy to introduce you to the Newest Member of the Honey Bee Holistics Team………… Corina Sahlin!

Corina is a Work-at-Home-Mom just as I am, and not only writes for her own blog about her life homesteading, but runs an Etsy shop with all of her handmade wool goodies!!

As my business grows, I am proposed to include other Work-at-Home-Moms who are working hard to make an extra income for their family while raising their children! I see this as an opportunity for you to learn about my products, and get to know Corina! Corina will be my new Product Tester which will entail a detailed post on each product I create that she tests! Along with detailed information on these products you may not have tried before {but will now want to after you hear her descriptions!!} , each reader & follower of the blog will get a chance to WIN a Product that has been tested for themselves!!

Now I am passing the post to Corina, since you know a little about her, and let her work her magic with words to entice you to HAVE to try my Organic Coconut Citrus Scrub!!

Hello, everyone!  I feel so honored to be one of the official product reviewers of Melissa’s creations!  Melissa and I are on the same wave length about many things, including how to take care of our bodies.  I have made my own body care products, so I know how much knowledge and care goes into her products.
Before I review her amazing Organic Coconut Citrus Scrub, let me briefly introduce myself.
I am a mother of three kiddos, whom I home school.  I also grow a lot of our own organic food on our five acre homestead close to the wilderness.  We raise goats, and I make lots of goat cheese and goat milk soap.  In addition to all the kid and goat stuff, I am a fiber artist and obsessive compulsive knitter and spinner.  You can see my creations at my website, where you also can find out about all the other things I do (transformational life coaching, teaching cheese making), and so much more.
As a busy mother of three relatively young children, I rarely have time (or energy) to pamper myself.  Sometimes, I don’t even wash my hair for a whole week!  So when the chance arouse to review Honey Bee Holistic’s Organic Coconut Citrus Scrub, I jumped at the bit.  Here was a chance to do something good for myself – if not pamper myself, then at least get clean.

The first good impression of this product happened at the post office, when I eagerly opened the package and immediately smelled the heavenly scent of coconut and lemon.  It was like a getting a delivery of a coconut-lemon cheese cake.  My family and I were on the way to town in our minivan, and everyone commented on the wonderful smell of the scrub that filled our vehicle.  It took a lot of bribing with other treats to convince my three year old daughter not to eat this scrub.  At one point, my husband took my hand and slowly brought it up to his face.  I felt so touched about this gallant gesture that I thought would culminate in kissing my hand, but all he wanted to do was smell my hand, where the scent of coconut and lemon lingered…

Back home, I carved out some Mommy-alone time in order to fully experience this scrub.  My daughter had collected rose petals earlier, and they were strewn all over the bathroom floor.  I lit a candle before stepping into the shower.  What a way to set the stage!  I am telling you, this was going to be a spa experience!

Melissa warned me to put a towel on the shower bottom so I wouldn’t slip, because the scrub might make things slippery.  I didn’t do this, however, and I felt perfectly safe.  The texture of the scrub was wonderful – grainy and oily at the same time.  I was a little worried before I tried this that the abrasion would dry out my sensitive skin, but on the contrary!  As I started applying the scrub, I immediately felt how gentle and nourishing it was.  And the smell!  I was transported to a tropical island and felt that these were the best ten minutes I ever spent in the shower!
An added bonus was the fact that shaving my legs was a breeze.  I usually hate shaving my legs, but the oils in this scrub made it so very easy and enjoyable.  
When I stepped out of the shower, my whole body felt moisturized, and not in that sticky, oily way that happens sometimes.  My skin felt deeply pampered and very soft to the touch.
To summarize, I am so glad I got to try this scrub!  I usually wouldn’t buy anything like this for myself, but now I know that I will use (and buy) this product from now on!  Way to create an addiction, Melissa!  Job security for you, pampering for me – it’s a win-win!

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