Getting back into the blog spirit! Check out my newest products!

Now presenting my newest item….. Organic Jasmine Solid Perfume!

This all Organic solid perfume not only leaves you smelling sweet & sexy, but also lends special aromatherapeudic properties as well that a synthetic fragrance oil CANNOT do!

Organic Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil is distilled from Jasmine blossoms that are hand-picked and then processed quickly without heat to avoid degradation of the delicate oils. This lends to the very costly price that Pure Jasmine Essential oil holds, approx. $30-$40 per 1/8 oz.

Organic Jasmine Essential Oil is particularly supportive during pregnancy and childbirth. Used only in the last 3 months of pregnancy for uterine support, engorged breasts and insufficient milk supply. It also may help with irregular or painful menstruation.

Its aromatherapeudic properties include its strong aphrodisiac qualities, increase in confidence, easing depression, and useful for those who suffer from insomnia.
It has a heavy, exotic scent and is not flowery. It appeals to both sexes just the same. It is primarily worn by women though.

This solid perfume is made up of all Organic waxes and oils to deliver the Organic Jasmine Essential oil to your skin in a gentle way without the use of any petroleums or alcohols. Since this is a true Essential Oil, a plant essence, it will react to everyones body chemistry differently. Apply to your pulse points behind the ears, on the inner elbow, at the wrists and behind the knees for an all over scent.

Organic Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil Solid Perfume in a convienient twist up tube! No more getting it under your fingernails! Plus it easily fits into your coin purse, coat pocket, or in your pants pocket!

So don’t accept any “fragrance oils” as they do not benefit you as True Absolute Essential Oils do!

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