Extremely Dry Weather in the Pacific Northwest Effects the Wild Herbs too!

Extremely Dry Weather in the Pacific Northwest Effects the Wild Herbs too!

It has been unusually hot here in the Pacific Northwest this Summer. Summer officially started on June 20th, but around here, it normally doesn’t get hot till late July!  So when the temperatures are hot and the rain is nowhere to be seen, it also effects all of my herbs that grow here on the farm, cultivated and Wild.

Todays Harvest of Wild Red Clover!

Todays Harvest of Wild Red Clover!

The season is on for harvesting wild blackberries, wild blueberries, mints: peppermint & spearmint, as well as some other beneficial herbs such as Wild Red Clover! I use the Wild Red Clover in my teas, as well as sell it in bulk.

It is helpful for the following reasons:

♦It helps the body get rid of excess fluid, in turn clearing the lungs of mucous. This may be helpful for allergies associated with runny noses and congestion!

♦it improves circulation and helps clear toxins from the liver. This can in turn provide extra energy as the liver is the workhorse of the body that needs all the help it can get!

♦It is also helpful for women who are needing additional estrogen in their body, as it acts this way in the body.

♦In the ways it helps, please consult your Dr. if you are already taking a diuretic or Estrogen replacement.

redclover (2)

So today, I was excited to get some of the Wild Red Clover picked for drying! You can purchase some already dried in bulk here on my website. You can make the tea in large quantities in a mason jar or get a stainless steel tea ball here on my website to use on a cup-per-cup basis.

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We went Nettle picking today all to replenish my stock of Wild Nettles for my herbal teas!

Today we got outside while it was still not raining, and picked some fresh Spring Nettles! They are known as Stinging Nettles because the little hairs all over them will sting you and it will keep stinging for a few days!

Once they prick you it releases natural histamine in your skin which produces a needle pricking sensation. Not fun! So I wore my pink rubber gloves!

I always try and take my daughter out when I am harvesting herbs so she will learn about them and be interested in them at an early age. It is my duty as a Mother to teach her what I know about herbs and healing so it can be passed down. It is so much more rewarding to go out and do little activites with your children instead of keeping them “glued to the tube”! The TV stays cold pretty much all day until the evening when we watch a few hours of news and a little bit of the History channel.
So on this trip she was wanting to grab for the herbs, so I had to hand her over to Dad to save her from the horrible sting!

Do you know of the magical healing powers of Stinging Nettle?
Organic Wild Harvested Nettle contains the highest protein content for any plant at 7%! It is also high in Vitamin C and Iron which helps increase energy and boosts your immune system. It is best served either cooked like spinach or served in a tea form, hot or cold.

Urtica dioica ,also known as Stinging Nettle, has been sustainably Wild-Harvested here from Honey Bee Holistic’s Farm in the valley of the Cascadian Mountains of the Pacific Northwest.
It is the most nourishing herbal tea you can consume! Drink a cup of Nettle tea instead of your caffeinated beverage for a natural energy boost!
Use as an everyday nourisher, an energetic changer, a great kidney & adrenal ally, a digestive soother,respiratory strengthener, a hair & skin nourisher and a wonderful ally for women through all of lifes stages!

This herbal tea is available on my website in 2 sizes. Either a 6 pack of single serve bags –OR– a 2 pack of Large tea pot bags. The tea can be brewed in a basket coffeemaker too if you don’t have a tea pot!
Visit http://honeybeeholistics.com/organic_herbal_teas.html to purchase!
You should also check out this book by Susan Weed! She has so much knowledge of Wild-Harvesting and using herbs!