What a wonderful compliment! Check it out!


Here is a link to one of my Etsy customer’s personal review of my Organic Wrinkle Away Eye Cream. It gives me such a great feeling that my customers appreciate all of the thought I put into each package. I try really hard to make sure that each customer gets specialized care and vow to never be bought out by some big whig company that will take away my personal touch:) My promise to you!

Spring is here! New soaps ready April 19th!!

So all this talk about “Where is Spring?” etc…. And guess what, it is HERE!! I don’t mind the little rain drops falling, it helps my herbs grow! I also don’t mind the coolish not cold weather, it is great for waking you up in the morning. Plus the fresh air can’t be beat! So I wanted to share with you some Spring Pics of the farm! Each Spring and Fall my Rhubarb starts sprouting up again:)

I think the leaves look kind of prehistoric, especially when they get gigantic! Here is a pic of a few stalks coming up and a leaf bursting out of the pod like a baby chick pecking out from an egg!

Here is a picture of the California Poppies coming up. The leaves have these little hairs all over them!

Don’t forget the Cows! Always grazing out in the pasture, dotting the green grass with brown & white!

Now the moment you have all been waiting for…… My new soaps! Today I will tell you about my VERY popular Organic Almond soap and how it is made!

First I take 1 1/2 cups of Organic Raw Almonds and soak them overnight in Mountain Spring Water which makes it easier to peel their skins off.

Then I take the time to peel each and every one of the almonds skins off and separate them out.

Now I am ready to make the Homemade Almond Milk out of them. I use the Homemade Almond Milk as my water ingredient as well as reincorporate the almond mush that is left over from the milk making. I dry the skins out till they are crispy. I grind them up fine and add them back in at the end of the soap making process so it not only adds an interesting speckled color, but works as a very gentle exfoliant to help get rid of dead skin!!

Stay tuned for the next “Soap Reveal” and “How its Made” when I review my Organic Oatmeal Honey Soap that contains real Local Beeswax & Local Honey!!

Is Spring here yet?

I am packing orders to go out tomorrow in the mail and I have the window cracked a bit to let some fresh air in. It is raining gobs but I hear the little birds chirping away:) Nothing like some raindrops on the metal roof and birds talking outside to bring the feeling of Spring into my house! Definitely cabin fever getting swept out with all of the dust bunnies I am cleaning too! I am on a roll today! Cinnamon roll if I were really sitting on one! LOL!
I do have the perfect addition to your cleaning arsenal…. My Organic Anti-Bacterial All-Purpose Cleanser Scrub!

It is a creamy cleanser that cuts grease and dirt, plus it is loaded with Anti-Bacterial essential oils, NEVER ANY CHEMICALS! So you can take a deep breath and enjoy cleaning!
Check it out here on my website. It comes in a 16oz. Jar with 2 green scrubbies included to get you started. !!

Kitchen sink, counters, oven, bathroom sink, bathtub, even safe for use on your childrens toys for disinfecting! I would never recommend bleach on your babies toys. It does leave a residue.

With my Organic Anti-Bacterial All-Purpose Cleanser Scrub you can be sure it will all rinse away leaving your babies toys safe for putting in their mouths! Which is where 90% of toys end up is in their mouths!
Check back often for updates and new soaps for Spring