Organic Rosemary Hair Rinse – I want what she has!

For half of my 40 plus years of life, I have worn my hair short.  Very short.  My mother, who had four daughters, was too busy messing with all of our hair, especially mine.  She didn’t allow me to have long hair, and I got used to having a short cropped cut. You see, my hair is very abundant.  I have such thick hair that every single hair stylist I have visited so far has exclaimed, “My, you have a lot of hair!”

While many women wish for this kind of abundance, I have always considered my plentiful hair a curse.  When I moved to the United States from Germany 20 years ago, I started growing my hair long.  My husband likes me hair long, and I do, too – most of the time.  Except it gets poofy in damp weather, and folks, let’s face it: I live in a climate that gets 100 inches of precipitation a year!  What am I thinking?  If I were vain, I would moved a long time ago.

When I first met Melissa from Honey Bee Holistics, I was struck by her gorgeous hair.  It, too, is thick and naturally wavy like mine, but hers looked so… un-frizzy, so… contained and shiny.  I wanted what she had.
Enter her organic rosemary hair rinse.

This is how she keeps her hair so stunning, and I wanted a piece of that action.  So I headed to the shower, washed my hair, and then tested out this hair rinse.  It’s a concentrate, so you you have to dilute it in a quart of water.  All it takes is a little squirt of the concentrate.  It is so fragrant!  It smells like a woodland forest, which is just about my favorite smell of all times.
Melissa advises to massage the rinse into the scalp after cleansing.  The massage and ingredients help with circulation, healing and skin regeneration of the scalp, which in turns makes the hair grow healthier.  I knew that vinegar is great as a hair rinse because it helps restore proper pH, but never tried it before.  This hair rinse contains organic apple cider vinegar infused with rosemary, as well as essential oils of rosemary and rosewood (hence the heavenly smell).
In short:  I love it!!!  I usually have to put massive conditioner in my hair because it’s pretty dry, but I haven’t used any conditioner ever since using this hair rinse.  My hair is shinier, softer and looks healthier than it did when I religiously used conditioner after shampooing.  And it makes my hair smell so nice!

*****Thank you Corina for such a wonderful review!! Corina’s hair IS so very thick and beautiful! I am so glad it worked out for her:) She shared with me that she had used henna on her hair, and the rinse did not effect the color at all. My Mom, who colors her hair professionally, DID in fact see a bit of her hair color wash out. I am bringing this up just in case you DO color your hair, you might see a washing out of sorts happen when you use the rinse.

I would like to point out a few benefits that the Organic Rosemary Hair rinse has that other commercial conditioners do not toute!

♦Organic Rosemary is a circulatory stimulant! The many benefits of the rosemary plant {Rosmarinus officinalis} extend beyond cleansing, it also stimulates the hair follicles to increase hair growth. This is another reason why I include in the instructions for use, to gently massage the rinse into your scalp with your finger pads. Remember to NEVER use your nails for massaging as this damages the scalp.

♦Organic Rosemary is also an age-old remedy for dandruff. The branches used to be used as hair brushes so the oils would distribute throughout the hair & scalp. It stimulates the skin on the scalp to regenerate and renew, thus improving the health of the scalp, reducing dandruff & itchiness over time.
*This information along with other helpful tips are found in this book.

♦The natural resins found in the rosemary also help to darken brunette hair types over time. If you have ever pulled off the fronds of a rosemary twig with your hands, you know what the resins feel like! It is a sticky sap that comes out of the rosemary petals. Of course, in the hair rinse it is not sticky as it has been dissolved by the acids in the vinegar.
The acids in the vinegar is what helps bring your hair to the proper pH balance after shampooing. I would recommend one of my shampoo bars for the shampooing part! Like my Organic Walnut Apricot shampoo bar here

I have made a new batch of this shampoo bar this week and it will be cured & ready for sale on Valentines Day, 02/14!!
I WILL take pre-orders if you are interested in claiming a bar of your own ahead of time, or you can visit my Etsy shop to pre-order!

♦There is also Wild Nettle infused into the vinegar rinse as well! Wild nettle, Urtica dioica, grows wild here in the Pacific Northwest. It only shoots up from March-May, so each year you will find me in the fields harvesting my heart out so I have enough for the year ahead! It contains Iron, Vitamin C and minerals from the soil that help to re-mineralize & heal the scalp.

So as you see, there are many benefits to using my Organic Hair Rinse for Brunettes! You can find the rinses for Brunettes & Blondes here in my Etsy shop. The formula for red hair is available by custom request only at this time!

Coming soon…………. Information on another favorite herb of mine, Calendula! I will go over the benefits of this flower, plus the Why & How I incorporate it into my products!

!!!!WIN an 8oz bottle of your OWN hair rinse formulated for your hair type: brunette, blonde or red hair!
ALL you have to do is leave a comment below answering the question: Why do YOU need to switch your conditioner to Honey Bee Holistics Organic Vinegar Hair Rinse? How do you think it can help YOUR hair?

The WINNER is……………….

loucheenaJanuary 18, 2014 at 8:33 AM

I would LOVE to win the rose rinse! I’ve been doing my best to grow my hair long and thick, and I think all of the benefits of the rosemary stimulating the scalp would make it even easier for my hair to grow.

Rose Ales

CONGRATULATIONS Rose for being the WINNER of the 8oz Organic Rosemary Hair Rinse!!