Visting my old creations and finding a new family rhythm!

It has been a crazy road so far with my new baby boy and finding a new rhythm with my family!

He was born Sept.25th, 10 days later than expected, and has been the proving factor to all of the Mom’s comments I received that 2nd babies are SOOO different than 1st babies. THEY ARE so different!

Well of course my 1st was a girl, so maybe that has something to do with it, but this time it is keeping up with the laundry, household duties, taking time to homeschool my 5 yr old, and somewhere in there finding time to eat and take care of myself!

Ipostpartum tea bags words

When I returned home from the birth center, as I had an all natural-drug-free-birth at the birth center of my Midwives naturopathic practice, I quickly prepared some warm “tea” made with my Organic Postpartum Tea Bags! It contains herbs to help the tissues heal after a natural birth. I made it in a quart jar and kept it closed to use after each time using the bathroom. It worked MUCH better than a sitz bath, those also work too, but I found it was just easier to put it in a peri-bottle than taking a full bath!

I have found that my Lil’ Guy is so hungry ALL.OF.THE.TIME!! Boys are BORN ravenous it seems 🙂  I am breastfeeding so I was so thankful I already had some of my Organic Nipple Soothe Ointment handy to use after each nursing session. I would let the milk dry, then apply a thin layer of the ointment so to prevent any cracking. I don’t worry about washing it off as it is safe for baby. Only made up of Beeswax, Olive OIl, Calendula, Soy Wax and Cocoa Butter. It has helped out TREMENDOUSLY! I even would put some on right before feeding so to reduce friction on my sore nipples!

Organic Baby Massage Oil Kit with Instructions

Organic Baby Massage Oil Kit with Instructions

My favorite part of bonding is the massage I give him with my Organic Baby Massage Oil after his bath! I know it helps his skin from getting dry, and it gives me an opportunity to spend some quality time with him OTHER THAN breastfeeding! I absolutely LOVE the smell, as I am now accustomed to it being my “baby smell” of choice since 1st using it on my daughter over 5 yrs ago! Check out my post from earlier in the year here about my Baby massage oil!

I have also immersed myself into starting back easily into my shop and taking orders again! I get about 1-2 hrs at a time to complete my tasks and it is somehow during this time I am able to fulfill orders and keep it all running!


All of my new soaps are still available! You can pick some up here if you wish! They make great gifts, and they do not go bad! They only get better with time!

Stay tuned for new products and a new restructuring of my products to ring inteh NEW YEAR right!

Herbal Love!