You have heard of Lavender, but do you know about these benefits this violet herb has?

Yes, we all have heard of Lavender, or I thought everyone has! This is the time of year that my Lavender starts to finish up and needs to be harvested for use!

Lavenders First Harvest

Lavenders First Harvest

I have written some posts on how I use Lavender in my Lavender Chamomile Tea, and how the essential Oil can help you with a highlight on my products that I use the essential oil in!

So you probably have a good idea about it with the information I have provided. A few that may have been missed is the additional uses that I have not mentioned!

It is a GREAT anti-inflammatory and is one of the very FEW essential oils that is safe for ALL members of the family, babies included! You can rub some of my Organic Lavender lotion on your babies belly if it is upset. It also helps to encourage hair growth and seal split ends, which is a great feature in my Organic Hair Gel! I have found this to be true as the summertime winds wreck havoc on my long hair!

It has also helped me to relax when things get stressful. A little rub of some Organic Lavender Lotion helps ease my mood and calm my nerves! I also rub the lotion on my husband’s back after a long day at work to help relieve inflammation!

I look forward to sharing more of my herbs with you as they become harvestable and matching these up with the products I offer with them in it!


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