Review of my next new soap……Organic Oatmeal Honey!

So it is raining outside, as it has been off an on for a few weeks now! I pop out every so often when it gets down to a sprinkle to enjoy some fresh air! Sometimes there is sunshine!! It will be nice when the sun makes more visits, I miss it! Don’t get me wrong, I am quite pale and I don’t like the sun THAT much cause I burn so easily!

So I have added a new product so I can tolerate the sun better…..Organic Sunscreen! It is made with my healing Organic Calendula Lotion with added titanium dioxide & zinc oxide. These are natural minerals that help reflect the sun from your skin. I tried it on my face too, and it rubs in quite well!

Plus it is Organic and is free of parabens and chemicals! It works better if applied to dry skin, then re-applied every hour or so. It has not been tested by the FDA or anything, but I know that the percent of titanium & zinc is compared to a 25-30SPF.

Available for sale on my website & Etsy shop!

So now for the Organic Oatmeal Honey Soap!! It is made with skin loving Organic Castor Oil, Local Beeswax & Local Honey to name a few ingredients! It is very moisturizing and contains Organic Ground Oatmeal for a gentle exfoliation! I had to make a new batch recently because it was so popular!! Sorry I don’t have any pics as I was making it because it sets up so fast I have to pour it QUICK! No chance to take pics. Available now at my website:
AND My Etsy Shop:

Next to be reviewed…….My newest creation, Organic Walnut Apricot soap!!