Is Spring here yet?

I am packing orders to go out tomorrow in the mail and I have the window cracked a bit to let some fresh air in. It is raining gobs but I hear the little birds chirping away:) Nothing like some raindrops on the metal roof and birds talking outside to bring the feeling of Spring into my house! Definitely cabin fever getting swept out with all of the dust bunnies I am cleaning too! I am on a roll today! Cinnamon roll if I were really sitting on one! LOL!
I do have the perfect addition to your cleaning arsenal…. My Organic Anti-Bacterial All-Purpose Cleanser Scrub!

It is a creamy cleanser that cuts grease and dirt, plus it is loaded with Anti-Bacterial essential oils, NEVER ANY CHEMICALS! So you can take a deep breath and enjoy cleaning!
Check it out here on my website. It comes in a 16oz. Jar with 2 green scrubbies included to get you started. !!

Kitchen sink, counters, oven, bathroom sink, bathtub, even safe for use on your childrens toys for disinfecting! I would never recommend bleach on your babies toys. It does leave a residue.

With my Organic Anti-Bacterial All-Purpose Cleanser Scrub you can be sure it will all rinse away leaving your babies toys safe for putting in their mouths! Which is where 90% of toys end up is in their mouths!
Check back often for updates and new soaps for Spring


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